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JANUARY 12, 2016


Officials of McCaughrin Maritime Global - Malta, Announced Today, That they have taken delivery of Two (2) Brand New 2015 Built Post Panamax #98,500 dwt bulkers each in Malta, Under Eight (8) Years Long Term Charter with Fuel surcharge locked in. With these delivers of New Ships, This will now Give McCaughrin Maritime Global Overseas Subsidiary, 11 Ships, for the First Quarter of 2016, Two, (2) in Third, (3rd) Quarter, and Nine (9) in Fourth, (4th) Quarters of 2015, These number of charters ship's is sure to grow, as We are looking at More Charters of Cape Size Tonnages in 2016, If not beyond 2016.

Ms. Elizabeth G. McKeigh, Executive Vice President of Corporate Operations Affairs, for McCaughrin Maritime Global - Malta, said These ships have been in the works for the past Three (3) years by Mr. Brian R. McCaughrin, (*) Founder, President, & Owner of MCaughrin Maritime Marine Systems., Inc, (MMMSI-MMMU), Headquartered in Wayne, Michigan.

Mr. McCaughrin, Has secured these Two (2) Vessel in Early December 2013, For 2016 Delivery, Before going on Holiday for Two, (2) Weeks. Mr. McCaughrin, Was betting the time charters fees would be the region of what He paying now for The Two (2) Panamax bulkers, He been using since Third, (3rd) Quarter of 2009, Hauling sand to China..Those rates were $9,500 per day, for #75,500 dwt, and $8,500 per day, for #65,500 dwt, To Four, (4) New Year Charter for both Panamax in 2014 for $5,000 per day. These New Post Panamax Bulkers, Are going for around $6000-$7000 per day with Open Options Attached for both Ship Owners & Charters Advantages.

Ms. McKeigh said Two, (2) Weeks later, he was involved in serious slip and fall accident on Mr. McCaughrin, property that paralyzed him from the waist down for Eight, (8) months, and Spent 12 months in traction, and Another 30 plus months in physical therapist learning how to walk again. Mr. McCaughrin, Planning on coming back to MMMSI Headquarter on March 11, 2016, on his 66 Birthday, If Ten (10) Doctors give him the green light.

Source: McCaughrin Maritime Global - Malta.
Source: McCaughrin Maritime Marine Systems., Inc., (MMMSI-MMMU)
Source: Brian R. McCaughrin, (*) Not in Corporation.

DECEMBER 25, 2015


McCaughrin Maritime Marine Systems., Inc., (MMMSI-MMMU) Pray for Love, Peace, Understanding, Prosperity, Good Health.

Please pray for Our U.S. Troops, & United Nation Peace Keepers, and The Countless Others, That are never mentioned, Our hearts go out to you all...

God Bless,
Brian R. McCaughrin,
MMMSI Boards of Directors.

NOVEMBER 26, 2015





Brian R. McCaughrin,
MMMSI Board of Directors.

OCTOBER 23, 2015


Officials of Flex-Box Containers Inc, Headquartered in Hong Kong, China, and McCaughrin Maritime Global-China, Have open talks. About This Division Ordering Twenty, (20') Sea Containers.

Mr. Liesen Nielsen, An Officials of Flex-Box, did not mentioned any contract prices for the Twenty, (20') Sea Container, But ball park figure was working with paint, labels, and other containers marking, was in the range of $850 - $900 per container, and Depending on how many containers are order at signing, with some discount, and delivery locked in.

McCaughrin Maritime Global - China, Would be scraping its existing lot of containers that Fifty, (50%) have been in storage for the past Ten, (10) Years while other Fifty, (50%) are still in usage around the world. Order NEW Containers and thus them in the World of international Trade With MMMSI / MCCAUGHRIN Symbols, Are World#1 Most Popularity Sea Container: "MMMU".

Source: Flex-Box Containers
Source: McCaughrin Maritime Global - China

OCTOBER 19, 2015



MMMSI Board of Directors, Announced Today, That Large Investment Company in Germany, Has Offered Mr. Brian R. McCaughrin, Founder President, & Owner of McCaughrin Maritime Global, A Division of Parent Corporation of McCaughrin Maritime Marine Systems., Inc., (MMMSI-MMMU), Headquarter in Wayne, Mi, USA, and Its Five (5) Foreign Subsidiary Of $300.00 a share for his Preferred Shares or $1.8B For Entire Global Shipping Corporation.

MMMSI Board of Directors, Said We can not comment on any such negotiation Until Mr. Brian R. McCaughrin, Return back to the Corporation sometime in First (1st) Quarter of 2016, from his long term 12 Months of Traction, and Another Eight (8) more months of rehabilitation, from a Slip, and Fall Accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down with I-# and I-4 Crushed Disk last January 2014. His Right leg brace was removed in September of this year, and is close by if needed again, and Mr. McCaughrin, is still undergoing long term therapy daily.

Source: McCaughrin Maritime Marine Systems., Inc., (MMMSI-MMMU)
Source: Large German Investment Company (TBA) at later date.

OCTOBER 10, 2015


PRAISE THE LORD! Officials of The Coalition to Salute American Heroes, of Leesburg, VA, Congratulation to Mr. Brian R. McCaughrin, 2015 Michigan Patriot of The Year, For your past kindness, and unselfish generosity toward American Wounded Warriors. Thank you for being Hero to Hero.

Source: Coalition to Salute American Heroes.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2015

September 30, 2015

Woman of Distinction Magazine
From the Editor in Chief

Dear Ms. Elizabeth G. McKeigh,

You were recently chosen as a potential candidate to represent The State of Michigan and The Profession of Executive Vice President of Corporate Operation Affairs for McCaughrin Maritime Global - Malta, A Division of Parent Corporation, McCaughrin Maritime Marine Systems., Inc., (MMMSI-MMMU) Headquarered in Wayne, Michigan, USA, For The upcoming edition of Women of Distinction Magazine for 2015.


Ms. McKeigh, You will be featured and highlighted for your achievements, and future ambitions, along side other distinguished women. Each candidate will specifically represent their profession, giving readers an upfront look at what makes you a leader in your industry.

To ensure you are included, we must receive your verification on or before September 20, 2015 deadline. Please verify your profile and accept the candidacy by clicking the link below: On behalf of our Committee, I, Salute your achievements and look forward to welcoming you into: Women Distinction Magazine. We look forward to hearing more about you!

Marissa Bacchi,
Editor in Chief
The Woman of Distinction

SEPTEMBER 28, 2015


MMMSI Board of Directors, Announced today it is withdrawing Its Option from Alpine Shipping Denmark Charter Option on Brand New Built Eight (8) Ultamax Geared Bulk Carrier, With Specification of 199.90 meters long x 32.26 meter wide x 13.30 meter deep with a carrying capacity of #63,337 Each, That Was Offered to Mr. Brian R. McCaughrin, Founder, President & Owner of McCaughrin Maritime Global, A Division of McCaughrin Maritime Marine Systems., Inc., (MMMSI-MMMU), ® Headquarter in Wayne, Michigan, USA on May 28, 2015.

MMMSI Board of Directors said With the floundering chartering rates of -60-65% For #170,000 dwt Cape Size Bulkers, Over the Number of Ships that Alpine Shipping Denmark is Offering Mr. McCaughrin, Will get tonnages increase of Plus (+)#106,663 tons for less of $8-$10,000 per day with fuel cost locked in, Vs the number of Ships Alpine is asking for the New Not Launched Ultramax. We do Thank Alpine Shipping Denmark, Very Mush For This Honored Option.

Source: MMMSI Board of Directors
Source: Alpine Shipping Denmark
Source: McCaughrin Maritime Marine Systems., Inc. (MMMSI-MMMU)
Source: Mr. Brian R. McCaughrin

SEPTEMBER 21, 2015


MMMSI Board of Directors Announced today the Private Shipping Corporation, Is looking forward to the Dedication of Inmarsat Spawns, A New GX Hybird Service for Rolls Royce Autonomous Ships, with No Crew, No Officers to guide the ships through out the ocean of the world or to its Harbors.

The Board said We been watching very closely at the work that Inmarsat and Rolls Royce have been doing in this field, and McCaughrin's are looking at Two, (2) advanced hybird of #100,000 dwt, Post Panamax Bulk Self-Unloader, with No Crew or Officers with No Superstructure on the ships, We will be able to further cut cost, increase cargoes, and delivery cargo on more specific schedule.

MMMSI Board, Said its charter ships been using pilot less drones for the past three (3) years with mush success, and for all of the chartering tonnages in Asia to keep MMMSI ahead of the game in view of all the hijacking in the region in which we operate in, and With more tonnages we need more drones for each vessel..

Source: MMMSI Board of Directors
Source: Immarat Corporation
Source: Rolls Royce

SEPTEMBER 14, 2015


McCaughrin Maritime Global-Malaysia, A Foreign Subsidiary of Parent Corporation of McCaughrin Maritime Marine Systems., Inc, (MMMSI-MMMU) ® Headquarters in Wayne, Michigan, USA, Announced fuel saving today.

Ms. Elizabeth G. McKeigh, Executive Vice President of Corporate Operations Affairs for McCaughrin Maritime Global - Malta, said Our Vessel Saving for Overseas Bulk Operation in Asia, Is now locked in for the for The Charter Tonnages of Two (2) Panamax Bulkers of #75,500 dwt and #65,500 dwt, For Seven (7) years, and Four (4) Capesize Bulkers of #170,000 dwt, Each For Thirty (36) Six Months for Singapore Diesel Fuel Grade 380 CST at $263.00 PMT as of 9/13/15.

Source: McCaughrin Maritime Global-Malaysia.
Source: McCaughrin Maritime Marine Systems., Inc, (MMMSI-MMMU)
Source: Singapore, Malaysia Bunkering Prices.

SEPTEMBER 12, 2015


Officials of McCaughrin Maritime Global - Malaysia Limited, A Division of Parent Corporation: McCaughrin Maritime Marine Systems., Inc., (MMMSI- MMMU) ® Headquartered in Wayne, Michigan, USA, Announced today of Signing a long term Lease Agreement with Kia Motors Corporation of Worldwide of Korea for the of its All of its vehicles needs.

Mr. John C. Carter, Executive Vice President of Global Leasing for McCaughrin Maritime Global-China said MMMSI, Signing of long term leasing Agreement Prove to us that KIA is Outstanding Vehicle, Which we have had for over a Year of testing in various type of KIA Vehicles: KIA SOUL, and KIA SPORTAGE, In all type of Climates, and Road Condition in Asia, Europe, and USA and NO RE-CALLS, Not One (1) Problem, with any of these vehicles in that amount of time compare to 12 years of Re-Calls with Ford Motor Company Vehicles, Where McCaughrin Maritime USA, Has leased, the Most Popular Vehicles, Sold: The "Escape XLT, and Explorer", Under long term agreements.

Mr. Carter, said It was just One Recall after Another of Escape totaling Four (4) and Then the More Expensive 2012 Explorer, Had also Two (2) re-calls in First (1st) Month, A bludge in side of the tire went flat, and the other one was in Second (2nd)Year, Vapors in Fuel Tank, and Inside vehicle, and they could not even fix that after Eight (8) hours of waiting. We parked it because of serious safety smell and the violation problem that Ford's Wayne, Michigan Dealership: Jack Demmer Ford, Could not or would not even fix it, and Offered No Rentals to their Red Carpet Customer.

Mr. Carter said Shocking Ford Dealership Manager Offered No Support in Offering anything and due to the safety violation on the Explorer, We just parked it for Nine (9) month, and rented a 2014 KIA SOUL, Instead for Nine Months left on Ford Explorer, and said after 12 Years with Ford, It was time to try someone else That Builds a reliable vehicles that can stand the test of ever day driving in demanding climate and KIA did..Kia Offers Vehicles on its lot for usage, minus fuel. Their service is top notch.

Jeffery Automotive Group, in Roseville, Michigan, Bent over backward in supply us in timely manner with KIA SOUL, and had the vehicle Delivered to McCaughrin Maritime Global Headquarters in Wayne, Michigan from Roseville, Michigan, Some 45 miles away, with a full tank of gas while Mr. John Carter, took the 2012 Ford Explorer back to Jack Demmer Ford, to terminate the lease schedules and met up with him at Ford Dealership and drove back to MMMSI HQ.

Jack Demmer Officials, In fact not to lose McCaughrin's long term business had another Brand New 2014 Ford Escape, Waiting on the other side of the building as Options, "But" said its under a "Recall" Mr. Carter said The cost of doing business with Jack Demmer, and Ford, Just became to expensive and time is money, on top of the many disappointment of service was too mush for us to fathom for another Three (3) years plus out of pocket expense.

Source: McCaughrin Maritime Global - Malaysia Limited, (MMGML)
Source: McCaughrin Maritime Marine Systems., Inc., (MMMSI-MMMU)
Source: Kia Motor Corporation, (KMC)
Source: Ford Motor Company, (FMC)
Source: Jack Demmer Ford Dealership Inc.
Source: Jeffrey Automotive Group.




Officials of Vodafone Group,, Headquartered in Cario, Egypt, and Etisalat Tel-Communication,, Also Headquartered in Cario, Egypt, are seeking McCaughrin Maritime Global Malaysia Limited (MMGML), A Division of U.S. Based: McCaughrin Maritime Marine Systems., Inc., (MMMSI-MMMU) ® Global Tel-Communication Business in 172 countries.

Ms. Elizabeth G. McKeigh, Executive Vice President of Corporate Operations Affairs for McCaughrin Maritime Global-Malta, said McCaughrin Maritime Global Malaysia Welcome the opportunity to speak to Officials of both Vodafone Group and Etisalat Tel-Communication, and Chinamobile, about such thing as McCaughrin's are looking for the right firm that can house all our 172 Countries, and MMMSI Global Tonnages on world wide basis 24/7/366 days a year with no hic-ups, It our intention to have some think in operations by 2018-2019 when all of our other markets and tonnages come together.

Ms. McKeigh said This has been in the works since 2013, When U.S. Based: Verizon Communication, who had long term contract with McCaughrin's since 1985 which is 28 years Partnership, and Just one day Verizon just shut us off our service for No reason, and No advance notice, Just shut us off???? & McCaughrin's had to immediately look for another Tel-communication service through Metro PCS, and Skype Communication. Where they have been since, and both their service are excellent and penny-on-dollars in comparison to Verizon.

Mr. Brian R. McCaughrin, Founder, President & Owner of McCaughrin Maritime Global, on the MMMSI Corporate Web Site Newsletter voiced on Numerous occasion of his disappointment of Verizon 28 years Partnership which to Date has loss well over $2B and Counting, In both negative public relations, and loss business to its competitors, like Metro PCS & Counting.

Source: Vodfone Group Limited
Source: Etisalat Tel- Communication Limited Source: China Mobile Corporation
Source: McCaughrin Maritime Global Malaysia Limited, (MMGML)
Source: McCaughrin Maritime Marine Systems., Inc., (MMMSI-MMMU)
Source: Verizon Communication Company
Source: Metro PCS Telecommunication
Source: Skype Communication

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